Month: December 2015

Five Points Where Employers Can Benefit From Niche Job Boards

Social Recruiting is on the rise and it seems as though people are finding new and innovative ways to hire/search for jobs. But here are five reasons why niche job boards are still and will remain the best for employers who are looking for a place to post their job vacancies.  It’s understandable that some companies would prefer to join free job boards, but we want to explain how a little expense can go really far.

Niche audiences

Quality over quantity. By using a niche job board like the Reliance Recruitment for the industrial sect, you are reaching a smaller and much more relevant audience with your job vacancies. Although some of you may feel as though you’d want to maximise your exposure and reach millions of people. Keeping it select saves time, money and frustration. Using free, general job boards is obviously going to attract a lot of people, but these people may be irrelevant to that role. A smaller audience in a particular field of expertise will hopefully gain you higher quality, refreshing candidates. Jobseekers will be more inclined to sign up for job alerts for niche job boards as they won’t feel as though they will be spammed with irrelevant jobs like other general job boards. All in all, you are going to reach a more engaged and compatible audience.

Useful Advice

Lots of job boards are not just a job board, some offer extra services such as career advice or professional recruiters like the Reliance Recruitment. This means that when you are posting the job vacancies you can access tips on how to write a job description, how to choose candidates and so on. It’s reassuring to know that the people who are advertising your job know what they are talking about and that people look to them for advice. If the content that they are creating is reliable then jobseekers will hopefully look to them for job opportunities also.

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Using a niche job board like the Reliance Recruitment allows you to have a lot more control over your job vacancies ads and who it is distributed to. You may want your ad to stay low-key with minimal exposure in order to reduce irrelevant or under-qualified applicants. Niche job boards give you the option of signing up yourself and posting the job. You have control over:

  • how it is being categorized
  • what the job description indicates and
  • you can easily take it down if you find the perfect candidate.

These are things you may not be able to control if you hire someone to recruit individually or through bigger job boards.

Helping Hand

A lot of the time, Niche job boards like the Reliance Recruitment are boutique companies who offer personal and high quality services. Therefore, you aren’t relying on a big name brand and waiting for them to respond to your query. Instead, you can develop a close relationship with the brand and go to them if you want stat reports, advice on how to categorise your job vacancies, ads or other queries. If you get along with the brand and they respect you, they often want the best for you so they may offer extra services in order to help you get the results you want. It’s often useful for recruiters to use job boards to give the vacancy that they are recruiting for a little push, especially if it’s a niche job sector.

Get What You Paid For

It’s simple, you don’t pay and you receive a mixture of high quality, low quality and irrelevant applications. You spend time sorting through endless applications, you may miss out worthwhile candidates and the whole process ends up costing you more than a simple paid ad. Using a niche job board though like Reliance Recruitment will provide you with a slightly lower quantity of relevant, high quality candidates. Less is more! You will often receive a number of services inclusive with your paid job vacancies ad, features such as Social media promotion, job post aggregation and email marketing. All of these features add a significant advantage to your job vacancy.

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