Month: May 2016

The Big Role of Recruitment Agencies In Filtering The Right Candidate For The Job

A job recruitment agency can play an important role in helping you find the right candidates for critical projects or roles without placing undue stress on your human resources department. The best job recruitment agency will be able to surpass your expectations by making sure no prospect steps into your office unless they meet all of your requirements.

In the case of Reliance Recruitment, it serves as a niche job board where job seekers can find specific positions in their line of skills and knowledge while it serves as a job recruitment agency to employers. Reliance Recruitment can handle the early stages of a company’s hiring process where it delivers job postings, gathers resumes digitally and notifies the employers about the seekers that are interested on their job postings. This is basically how niche job boards like Reliance Recruitment become a job recruitment agency.

Looking at the deeper roles of a job recruitment agency, a company can benefit through:

Employee Screening and Testing

Many job recruitment agency conduct employee screening and testing. Your business may not have the time or resources to engage in these practices, but a reputable staffing firm should make it a requirement for candidates seeking placement with your company. Some staffing firms will not only perform reference and background checks, but also will offer skill tests to determine how proficient candidates are at typing, problem solving or using customer service or specific technical skills that are required elements of your open positions.

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Flexible Staffing

Hiring temporary or seasonal staffers can be challenging. Doing this on your own means handling all of the administrative and logistical considerations for workers who won’t be around long-term. Hiring a staffing agency to assist with short-term hires can help you focus on the project at hand without worrying about how to dismiss temporary workers at the project’s conclusion. Having a handle on flexible staffing can help you meet a business need if an employee gets injured on the job or has to take a leave of absence. Your company also can also reduce seasonal worker healthcare costs by having an agency be in charge of their payroll and benefits.

Easing HR’s Burden

Having your HR staff spending several hours a day poring over resumes or interviewing unqualified candidates is not a good use of their time. The process can be frustrating and take the department away from tasks like payroll, benefits and employee development opportunities. A reputable job recruitment agency ensures that only the best candidates make it to a face-to-face session and that all paperwork and job placement training is completed before the employee starts working for you. Instead of spending money on job fairs, you can invest in a recruiting agency with a track record of delivering stellar results. As for niche job boards like Reliance Recruitment, you will be very sure that only the qualified will pass through your screening stage.


In considering a job recruitment agency for your hiring needs, review the terms of doing business with the firm, how long it might take the agency to source positions, what their referrals have to say about their work and their fee structure. Before making a final decision, you may want to talk to others in your industry to see if they have a local company that has exceeded their temporary or permanent staffing needs.

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