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Why Use Niche Job Boards in Recruiting For Your Job Vacancies

When looking for top-tier talent to join your company, it’s tempting to post the job listing for job vacancies Christchurch in as many outlets as possible from major job boards like Indeed to niche job boards like Reliance Recruitment. The more people see it, the more likely you will be to get enough applicants to find the perfect fit.

But is going broad really the best idea? Depending on your individual situation, it might not be. In fact, here are reasons you might want to focus your recruiting efforts for any job vacancies Christchurch on niche job boards like Reliance Recruitment instead.

Increase Applicant Quality

The first may also be the single most important reason to go niche: you cut off applicants who are not even close to qualified for the position you list. Posting your job vacancies Christchurch on a niche job board like Reliance Recruitment means only exposing the listing to actual professionals in the field. Any applicants, as a result, will know the type of job you’re attempting to fill.

That result benefits everyone involved. You don’t have to dash the hopes of countless applicants who were intrigued by your benefits but didn’t stand a prayer against industry professionals. At the same time, you save valuable time that you would otherwise spend sifting through countless, ultimately irrelevant, resumes and cover letters. Rather than sheer quantity, a niche job board gives you the quality you need to fill your position.

Go In-Depth in Your Listing

A side effect of the above-mentioned quality of applicants that you should not underestimate is what it allows you to do with your posting for job vacancies Christchurch. Knowing that only professionals in your industry will read the posting, you can more easily use advanced terminology and jargon that a general audience would be less likely to understand.

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An IT company, for example, may want to get very specific in terms of the types of programming languages and databases that applicants will have to know or at least be familiar with. On a general job board, that type of jargon can be disoriented. On a niche job board for IT professionals, on the other hand, it’s expected.

Improve Your Perception Among Industry Talent

Don’t underestimate the positive impact that niche job boards like Reliance Recruitment can make on your employer brand. Simply posting on Monster, CareerBuilder, and other generalized platform does not separate you from anyone else in your industry; your listing is simply one of countless other, similar postings for job vacancies Christchurch.

Compare that with a niche job board, in which professionals in your industry mingle. Posting your job vacancies Christchurch here gives your employer brand instant credibility. It tells them that you know where to find the right talent, and further serves to drive quality applicants. Take Caterer.com as an example, the leading job site for the hospitality and catering sector.

Learn From Other Listings

Finally, joining a niche job board like Reliance Recruitment can serve as an educational resource for improving your own listings and applicant search. You will have direct ways of comparing your own posting to others for similar positions, based solely on merits. It serves as a type of competitive analysis that can help you get a better idea of what applicants look for, and how to optimize your posting for your job vacancies Christchurch for success.

The same exercise is difficult on general job boards, and often futile. Just as the quality of applicants can vary wildly, so will the quality of job posting, which means you don’t get the insights you need to compare yourself against high-ranking competitors and recruiters. Only a niche job board could help you accomplish that feed.

Any recruiter knows the value of quality over quantity. You would rather have 3 applicants, all of whom you know to be capable to do the job, than 30 with questionable expertise and experience. Niche job boards enable to place appropriate emphasis on that quality, maximizing your chances of filling job openings with high-quality, successful candidates. We are glad that many of our partners have niche job sites.

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The Big Role of Recruitment Agencies In Filtering The Right Candidate For The Job

A job recruitment agency can play an important role in helping you find the right candidates for critical projects or roles without placing undue stress on your human resources department. The best job recruitment agency will be able to surpass your expectations by making sure no prospect steps into your office unless they meet all of your requirements.

In the case of Reliance Recruitment, it serves as a niche job board where job seekers can find specific positions in their line of skills and knowledge while it serves as a job recruitment agency to employers. Reliance Recruitment can handle the early stages of a company’s hiring process where it delivers job postings, gathers resumes digitally and notifies the employers about the seekers that are interested on their job postings. This is basically how niche job boards like Reliance Recruitment become a job recruitment agency.

Looking at the deeper roles of a job recruitment agency, a company can benefit through:

Employee Screening and Testing

Many job recruitment agency conduct employee screening and testing. Your business may not have the time or resources to engage in these practices, but a reputable staffing firm should make it a requirement for candidates seeking placement with your company. Some staffing firms will not only perform reference and background checks, but also will offer skill tests to determine how proficient candidates are at typing, problem solving or using customer service or specific technical skills that are required elements of your open positions.

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Flexible Staffing

Hiring temporary or seasonal staffers can be challenging. Doing this on your own means handling all of the administrative and logistical considerations for workers who won’t be around long-term. Hiring a staffing agency to assist with short-term hires can help you focus on the project at hand without worrying about how to dismiss temporary workers at the project’s conclusion. Having a handle on flexible staffing can help you meet a business need if an employee gets injured on the job or has to take a leave of absence. Your company also can also reduce seasonal worker healthcare costs by having an agency be in charge of their payroll and benefits.

Easing HR’s Burden

Having your HR staff spending several hours a day poring over resumes or interviewing unqualified candidates is not a good use of their time. The process can be frustrating and take the department away from tasks like payroll, benefits and employee development opportunities. A reputable job recruitment agency ensures that only the best candidates make it to a face-to-face session and that all paperwork and job placement training is completed before the employee starts working for you. Instead of spending money on job fairs, you can invest in a recruiting agency with a track record of delivering stellar results. As for niche job boards like Reliance Recruitment, you will be very sure that only the qualified will pass through your screening stage.


In considering a job recruitment agency for your hiring needs, review the terms of doing business with the firm, how long it might take the agency to source positions, what their referrals have to say about their work and their fee structure. Before making a final decision, you may want to talk to others in your industry to see if they have a local company that has exceeded their temporary or permanent staffing needs.

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How To Land As Machine Operators

Machine operation is a widely needed occupation in industrial works. As most production companies need machines to carry out a production process, machine operators are then in great demand. Machine operators, also known as machinists or tool and die makers, work with heavy machinery from setup to operation. Machine operators might work with computer-controlled equipment or more mechanically based machines to make sure they are set up properly, working well, and producing quality product. Machine operators make sure their machines are working at full capacity, are stocked with needed materials, well-maintained and perform periodic checks on output.

Machine operators may work on many different machines, or specialize on one complex machine. They are builders, fabricators, mechanics, craftsmen and quality assurance all wrapped into one.

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Those who are aspiring to become machine operators can check for vacancies online through niche job boards that are related to industries with heavy operation like the Reliance Recruitment. If someone wishes to assess themselves whether they are qualified to work as a machine operator, an applicant can check the description of ads posted on niche job boards like the Reliance Recruitment. Some companies list different preferences on their ads on Reliance Recruitment so it is not enough to only know the general requirements. Always have a keen eye on going over posts on boards like Reliance Recruitment to get clues on what they are searching for in an applicant.

The general description of the job though is as follows:

Machine operators can gain skills through vocational schools, technical colleges or community college programs, or apprenticeships. Typically, it takes 4-5 years of combined education and on-the-job training to become fully trained. To excel, machine operators need many years of experience and must show aptitude for math, problem-solving and computer skills. Certification is available.

Job Duties

Some machine operators are responsible for one function, while others are responsible for a variety of steps, utilizing different equipment for each. Because of the potential for danger from working close to large machines, safety and cleanliness in the workplace are extremely important.

Due to production line requirements, machine operators work in an environment where teamwork is important. They look over and measure parts with precision tools in order to make sure certain parts meet pre-determined quality and cosmetic standards. When parts have passed inspection, the parts go on to the next phase of production.

Machine operators are expected to meet production quotas. The level of documentation required varies, depending on the degree of precision needed for the finished product. Machine operators also need to keep track of the number of units that are scrapped due to various errors.

Education and Performance Requirements

Machine operators are usually required to have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Two years of experience working in a similar shop is a common requirement. Machine operators need to be able to lift 50 pounds and work on their feet, while using tools to perform repetitive actions, for a 10-hour shift. Due to the time-sensitive nature of manufacturing, some workplaces have overtime requirements. Some trainings are also required like mandatory safety training, protective gear, and chemical handling procedures are required.

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A machine operator works in a quick-paced, physically demanding environment where they control various machines and equipment. No professional education is required, as training is provided on the job.

Finally, you can research on the company who is in need of machine operators to better understand what kind of employee they are looking for and to assess if you are indeed qualified to become a part of their team.

Importance of Factory Work in Economic Growth

The manufacturing field is key to a strong economy, but a renewed focus on the industry will not necessarily lead to significant job growth. Manufacturing and factory work is essential to the health of an economy. It both fuels and results from innovation.

A factory is the production facility. Here, a large number of people are employed for different positions. These employees specialize in different processes and work collectively to achieve the organizational goals. One very important person involved in the operations of a factory is the factory worker and an employee can get a good one from industry-focused job boards like the Reliance Recruitment. Usually, a wide range of job duties are assigned to a factory worker. These duties differ depending on the worker’s qualifications, experience, and skills.

A person involved in factory work carries materials and equipment from one part of the factory to another. He also operates some machines and tools in the factory, and levels the fuel, chemicals, or any other material that is needed to keep the machine running. He puts the raw materials in the inlet and takes the finished product from the outlet to the storage or packaging staff.

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A personnel tasked for a factory work cleans the factory area and the machines and equipment installed there. He may assemble and disassemble machines, change defective parts, install new machines and equipment, and perform all other laborious factory work. Most of the time, a factory worker is required to be on his toes and juggle around the facility and follow instructions of various staff or perform a specific set of factory work.

Sometimes, a factory worker is required to perform tasks such as record maintenance, serve guests, deliver samples of finished products, and other duties as assigned by the authorities. Other times, he may be involved in specialized work such as assembling materials to prepare a finished product.

A possible detailed description an applicant can find on boards like Reliance Recruitment about factory work has been provided below for your reference. It will help you realize the significance of a person working in this position.

Carrying Materials, Machines, and Tools

A factory work can be responsible in carrying raw materials, machines, and tools from one place to another in the facility. He is required to listen to the instructions of the production staff and accordingly carry the specified quantity.

Cleaning, Repairing, and Maintenance

A factory work can include cleaning, repairing, and maintaining certain machinery and tools in the factory. Additionally, he may also clean the factory area or assist the housekeeping staff in this regard.

Purchase and Store Supplies

A factory work can include purchasing and storing necessary supplies for the factory. These supplies may include raw materials, stationary, chemicals, fuel, safety kits, or other materials and devices required on a routine basis in the factory.

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Operate Machinery

Some factory workers obtained from recruitment agencies like Reliance Recruitment specialize in operating different machinery and equipment in a production facility. Sometimes, they may also train and assist other staff in safe and efficient operation of a particular or various machines at the plant.

Skills Needed in Factory Work

As a factory worker, a person should:

  • Be well versed with the safety and quality standards followed in a conventional factory setting
  • Be trained in using a wide range of machines and equipment used in different production units
  • Be able to work in a goal driven environment and under strict deadlines
  • Be able to communicate effectively with the coworkers and follow instructions of the seniors in the factory
  • Be able to develop and maintain professional relationship with colleagues and work with team spirit to achieve the goals
  • Be able to work with a zeal for perfection and learn new skills and procedures in a short span of time

Becoming a Factory Worker

There are no set educational requirements for the job of a factory worker. Individuals with a minimum of high school diploma and with little or no experience are eligible to apply for this job. Some organizations, however, prefer to recruit experienced individuals for highly technical profile for this position. A few organizations may also ask for individuals who have knowledge of computer applications apart from educational qualifications. Both applicants and employers can look into niche job boards like Reliance Recruitment for factory works.